Sea World Orlando

Sea World Baby Care Center (1 of 4) (Photo by Heather Bard)


Name of location: Sea World Orlando
Address: 7007 SeaWorld Drive
City: Orlando
State/Province: FL
ZIP/Postal Code: 32821



Location Details:

  • Property type: Theme park or amusement park
  • Designated mothers’ room or family space? Nursing room or other space specifically designated for breastfeeding is available
  • Amenities: Changing table; Rocking chair or glider; Upholstered armchair or sofa


Location submitted by Rachel

Mom Rachel writes: “I wanted to share this… We went to Sea World Orlando with our 15 month old DD and our friends who have a 5 week old DD. We are both BFing and were delighted that Sea World has a “Baby Care Center” with a nursing room (complete with rocking chairs and dimming lights.) They also had a microwave, small playroom, and couches for dads. It was nice to find a place with AC to nurse our little ones. Kudos to Sea World for being so family friendly. (Also, the had a vending machine with Udder Covers for $10 along with other great finds like the Mommy Hook and Boogie Wipes.)”

Mom Heather adds: “There are two locations for nursing, on is more of a “family bathroom” feel with a comfortable glider , changing table and sink. The second is in shamu’s happy harbor and is a baby care center that looks like a little house. It has rocking chairs on the front porch with a vending machine offering everything from nursing covers, diapers and wipes to pain pills and sunblock. I was able to relax in the ac nursing my DD while my husband took my older daughter to play. There is a kitchen area with a microwave, the nursing room has 3 chairs behind a wall so even if someone were to walk in you are still in a private area. There are comfy chairs for the dads, a play area for other kids and a changing room with 3 changing tables. We almost didn’t want to leave!”

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  1. Wow! This is awesome… I’m always pitching a fit when I go somewhere and there’s no place to change my lil one. Sea World gets an A+++ for this… Talk about going above and beyond!

  2. I will warn, they would not let my (non-nursing) six-year old son back with me while I nursed my baby; thankfully, I was there with my husband, so he kept our older children out on the porch. I think if I had pushed it, they might have let me (or I could have plopped down in the front, or in the chairs on the porch, if I didn’t have anyone to watch the other kids). Policy is no men or boys back in the nursing area, as it is an open space with the three gliders. It was pretty hoppin’ when we were there in 2009; it was great to see other moms and nursing babies, and get a break from the heat!

  3. I love both nursing and pumping at seaworld! The other “family bathroom” style room is over by Journey to Atlantis. I have also nursed at a few shows. Little known to most at every outdoor show there is “sleeping baby” parking. If your little one is asleep in their stroller, you dont have to remove and carry them, just show the park attendant your kid is sleeping, and they will direct you to sleeping baby parking! I’ve nursed at all those spots as well.

  4. Good to know! I’ll be taking my 6 yr old boy, 3 yr old girl, and twin 4 month olds all by myself!! Hopefully, they will make an exception?!?!

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